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Finding Art In The Materials

1st Thurs Event at The Casket Arts Carriage House August 7  6:30 -8:30 Art Play Stations ! 

The artists who teach out of the 3rd floor studio classrooms in  The Casket Arts Carriage House  are gathering on Thurs. evening to set up stations to play with art materials as a part of the NE Arts district Open Studio event held the 1st Thurs. of every month. I hope you will think about stopping by to join me and Donna Webb, Kate Johnson, Karen Searle, Karen Wallach, Susan Farnham, and Doroth Mayer from 6:30 to 8:30 Thurs. evening (August 7) on the 3rd floor of Casket Arts Carriage House and have some free play time with art materials!

1720 Madison Street NE

Studios  302, 303 & 304


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