Deborah Foutch

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Deborah Foutch has shown her work nationally in galleries and festivals for the past 25 years. The discipline of the constant show deadlines combined with the joy of playing with different materials keeps her work fresh and skills evolving. Her current work includes mixed media figures (dolls) mixed media and fiber wall pieces and oil pastel drawings.

She has designed classes to share much practiced skills in doll making and mixed media surface embellishment  also The Artist’s Way Experiential a 13 week exploration of art materials and creativity using the exercises found in Julia Cameron’sThe Artist’s Way combined with a hands on project with different art materials each week. She has held the doll workshops for over a decade in her studio and as a workshop in Stockholm WI.

Past students describing Deborah”s Workshops:

Deborah is warm, skilled, and very down-to-earth”.

“ I have taken two sessions of The Artist’s Way with Deborah… The experience has given me the tools of play and flow to move through the blocks in my way of creating.”

“It was wonderful to gather with others on the same path and walk it together. I felt like a kid again being able to play with different materials and be challenged to grow artistically.”

“We took her doll making class as a 3 generation group, her teaching style is patient, generous, and adaptive to different skill levels. It was a great day!”

Deborah has found pleasure in teaching older adults. They are open honest and welcome the challenge of a new experience. The people who show up in classes are seekers and it’s fun to meet them where they are and proceed down a path together. For more information check her website or facebook Deborah Foutch Hands On Art Classes

Deborah Foutch is an artist whose palette, sense of line, light, and space, is deeply informed by the landscape she grew up in.  A native Iowan, she was raised in a creative family that showed her how to look around and see the shape, color and texture of things and appreciate the beauty of nature’s chance combinations.  In art school she went from painter to quilt maker to mixed media fiber artist because the richness of combined materials came closest to the world she wanted to express.  After graduating with degrees in art and history she moved to the Twin Cities in Minnesota to pursue her art career.